Hair Relaxer For Men

We all hate frizzy hair. There are many men that are looking for a way to get rid of this frizz or straighten their hair. We know that there are hair relaxers for women that can help get rid of frizz or straighten hair, but the real question is whether or not men should also be using women’s relaxers. Is there a specific hair relaxer for men? The answer is that there are a few hair relaxer products out there for men, but it is also fine if men can use women’s hair relaxers, as long as they pick the right product to use.
Before you guys decide to use a hair relaxer for men, I must warn you that you must consult with a professional stylist before making any decisions. I am not a professional and am strictly writing from my past experiences with relaxers. Moreover, most of these relaxers are made from harmful chemicals and can be dangerous if not applied appropriately.


Once you have consulted with a professional and have decided to use a hair relaxer for men, there are multiple steps that must be taken:
1.Before you start making decisions, you must figure out your exact hair type and texture. I recommend you ask your hairstylist to help you out with this.
2.You must make sure that a hair relaxer is the best option for you. (Have you tried other products or have you tried straightening your hair if you have long hair?)
   – For some people, Japanese hair straightening is the best option. (Most Caucasian men are a perfect fit for this)
   – For black men, lye or no lye option will be good.
3. Finally, once you complete steps one and two, you must choose the correct strength hair relaxer for men with your hair type.                   
   – Usually the strength of a hair relaxer is based on PH level. The higher the PH level, the faster the straightening, but can also cause more damage to your hair and scalp. The lower the PH level, the slower the straightening but the less dangerous the relaxer

Make sure to read the instructions of your relaxers, some relaxers require neutralizer shampoos and other pre and post application products!

There are three forms of hair relaxers I want to talk about. I want to start by talking about the weakest and safest forms and move onto the strongest forms.


If you have never used texturizer before, I recommend you give it a shot before moving onto lye and non-lye relaxers. A texturizer is basically a moderate form of a relaxer. Many men prefer texturizer as a form of hair relaxer for men since it is much easier to apply. I highly recommend texturizer for men that are looking to get rid of a little frizz or men that have long hair and want straight hair that will look a little different than women’s long straight hair. When considering a texturizer, keep in mind that most professionals would recommend that you go with texturizer or a styling product before you move onto using lye and non-lye relaxers.
Here is my favorite hair texturizer for men

Wave Builder Natural Texture Tamer Kit

If you are looking for a mild hair texturizer specifically made for men, try out Wave Builder Natural Tamer Kit. As I stated before, this product is a mild texturizer. It is also a texturizer that is specifically made for men, which can be difficult to find. It is perfect for someone looking to keep the natural look of their hair while making their hair much more easy to comb and manage. Wave builder has a pretty decent sized loyal fan base out there and most of the fans are repeat customers. If you are someone with short hair or extremely frizzy or curly hair, I would not recommend you buy this product since it might be a little too mild for your hair. Contrarily, if you have long or medium hair or if you have slightly frizzy or wavy hair, give Wave Builder Natrual Tamer Kit a try, you will most likely be satisfied with the results.

Some of these texturizers are for women and even kids, but they can get the job done. Beware though; texturizers can come in different strengths.


Unlike Lye relaxers, Non-lye relaxers use calcium hydroxide rather than sodium hydroxide like lye relaxers. This tends to make non-lye relaxers a little more mild than lye relaxers, and in turn, better for sensitive scalps. Moreover, the calcium in the non-lye relaxer can cause your hair to be a little more dry.    
Here Is My Favorite Non-Lye Relaxer  

Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer Single Application article A (7.5 OZ/213G) Nutter blend sensitive scalp Activator article B 1.81 FL. OZ. /53.5ML

Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer Single Application article A is what I call the perfect average non-lye hair relaxer for men. It might have a long name but it gets the job done. If you have already used different forms of texturizers and had no success so far, then it might just be time to move onto non-lye hair relaxers. Non-lye relaxers tend to be a little stronger and more effective for men with extremely frizzy or curly hair and even hair that is shorter. Mizani is one of the most popular non-lye products out there. It also has an extensively big fan base. With hair relaxers, it is crucial to make sure that it does not dry out your hair too much. Lucky for you guys Mizani is known to be one of few hair relaxers out there that does not dry out your hair. Hair relaxers also tend to burn a bit, but Mizani is also known for having one of the few products out there that does not burn and helps hair breakage. Moreover, if you are looking for an average product that has been tried and trusted by a huge number of people try out Mizani, you will most likely be satisfied. You might also want to check out Mizani shampoo and conditioner for pre and post treatment.


Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer 30 oz

Mizani Butter Blend is produced using a moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and honey. Just as the product reads, it is a medium blend product, but remember that lye relaxers are much stronger than other types of relaxers. If you use this product, your hair will be much more straighter than if you use other products like non-lye relaxers or texturizers, most of which do not straighten your hair completely. Mizani Butter blend can be a little difficult and even dangerous if applied incorrectly so I highly recommend you have a professional do the application for you. Just a precaution though, if you want to keep your hair looking like its natural look do not use this product or any other lye relaxers. Moreover, If you have tried everything else (texturizers and non-lye relaxers) and nothing has worked for you, I would recommend trying Mizani’s lye relaxer. It is one of the most popular lye relaxers out there and has a fairly loyal fan base of repeat customers. I would also recommend you guys check out and use the pre and post care shampoo and hair conditioner that are recommended if you use the relaxer.

Beware! I only recommend that lye relaxers be used by professionals only since they may cause a lot of damage if applied incorrectly.
Now that you have seen my favorite relaxers for men, remember that I recommend you talk to a professional before using any of them. I also recommend that you guys be aware that the chemicals in these relaxers can be harmful. If you have used or are using products, such as hair coloring, the mixture of these chemicals with your hair relaxer can be even more dangerous. If your hair is long, remember that you can always use a straight iron. Also, if you have never used a relaxer before, I would recommend that you guys try out a texturizer or other hair styling products before resorting to anything else.

Since hair Texturizer seems to be the most popular purchase for you guys, I thought it would be helpful to include a video explaining how to apply hair texturizer properly. In the video, they are using a product called Luster’s S Curl which is a popular hair texturizer amongst men. You can check out my review of the product here.