Lye Hair Relaxers

Mizani Butter Blend Medium Normal Rhelaxer 30 oz

Mizani Butter Blend is produced using a moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and honey. Just as the product reads, it is a medium blend product, but remember that lye relaxers are much stronger than other types of relaxers. If you use this product, your hair will be much more straighter than if you use other products like non-lye relaxers or texturizers, most of which do not straighten your hair completely. Mizani Butter blend can be a little difficult and even dangerous if applied incorrectly so I highly recommend you have a professional do the application for you. Just a precaution though, if you want to keep your hair looking like its natural look do not use this product or any other lye relaxers. Moreover, If you have tried everything else (texturizers and non-lye relaxers) and nothing has worked for you, I would recommend trying Mizani’s lye relaxer. It is one of the most popular lye relaxers out there and has a fairly loyal fan base of repeat customers. I would also recommend you guys check out and use the pre and post care shampoo and hair conditioner that are recommended if you use the relaxer.
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