Non-Lye Hair Relaxers

Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer Single Application article A (7.5 OZ/213G) Nutter blend sensitive scalp Activator article B 1.81 FL. OZ. /53.5ML

Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer Single Application article A is what I call the perfect average non-lye hair relaxer for men. It might have a long name but it gets the job done. If you have already used different forms of texturizers and had no success so far, then it might just be time to move onto non-lye hair relaxers. Non-lye relaxers tend to be a little stronger and more effective for men with extremely frizzy or curly hair and even hair that is shorter. Mizani is one of the most popular non-lye products out there. It also has an extensively big fan base. With hair relaxers, it is crucial to make sure that it does not dry out your hair too much. Lucky for you guys Mizani is known to be one of few hair relaxers out there that does not dry out your hair. Hair relaxers also tend to burn a bit, but Mizani is also known for having one of the few products out there that does not burn and helps hair breakage. Moreover, if you are looking for an average product that has been tried and trusted by a huge number of people try out Mizani, you will most likely be satisfied. You might also want to check out Mizani shampoo and conditioner for pre and post treatment.
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Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit

Avlon Fiber Guard Relaxer is specifically made to be a little bit more sensitive for the scalp than most of the other relaxers out there. If you have ever experimented with some of the other relaxers out there, then you know that they can be painful and harmful for the scalp. Moreover, if you have had bad experiences with other relaxers, try out Avlon Guard. Also, if you are planning on using hair relaxers for an extended amount of time, you want to make sure that it does not have a harmful effect on your hair in the long run. No one wants to lose their hair. While Avlon Fiber Guard products are not as popular as other products out there like Mizani, most Avlon customers are people who were dissatisfied with other products and switched to Avlon. Avlon also states that the product can be adjusted to mild, normal, and resistant strengths. Furthermore, Avlon smooths and moisturizers scalps. Moreover, the post application look of Avlon will leave your hair looking more relaxed, unlike texturizers which tend to keep your hair more natural looking. So if you have a sensitive scalp, I highly recommend you give Avlon a try, you will probably fall in love with it.
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